Requirements, Policies and Procedures

The pages to the left provide information about the Laney Graduate School's general policies regarding academic affairs, from basic degree requirements to the commencement ceremony.

The information is correct, but not always complete. Please keep two things in mind:

First, always check with your program's Director of Graduate Studies, Administrator, and/or Handbook. The Laney Graduate School requirements are in many cases minimum requirements, and your program may have additional requirement or policies.

Second, always check with the Laney Graduate School Handbook. The pages to the left summarize our requirements and policies, but do not always reflect all the details. The details are in the Handbook.

The Handbook

The Handbook is the authoritative document of Laney Graduate School policies for students, faculty and administrators. It covers topics such as degree requirements, tuition and fees, merit awards and financial aid, registration procedures, standards of academic performance and conduct, grievance procedures, guidelines for submitting theses and dissertations, graduate school and university services, and various Laney Graduate School and Emory University policies and regulations.

The Handbook is revised each summer, with the new edition published in August each year, before the start of fall semester.

In addition to the Laney Graduate School policies contained in the Handbook, students, faculty and administrators are subject to applicable university-wide policies. These are available on Emory’s Policies page.

Laney Graduate School Handbook, 2015-16

The Catalog

The Laney Graduate School Catalog contains degree requirements, faculty and course listings for each degree program.  Please note that program websites and handbooks are always the best source of up-to-date information.  A new Catalog is posted in the fall of each year.

Laney Graduate School Catalog, 2014-15 (2015-16 version coming in fall 2015)

LGS Auto-Forwarding Emory Email Policy

LGS Auto-Forwarding Emory Email Policy

Because of changes in Emory's email environment and associated systems, the LGS auto-forwarding policy is temporarily suspended.  We are working on a new policy and process that will accomodate the new environment.  We expect this to be ready in early summer.

This suspension does not affect anyone who already has auto-forwarding in place.

Questions?  Contact Ulf Nilsson at