Established in 2003 with the support of the National Science Foundation, the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning seeks to improve teaching skills and increase the diversity of future university faculty in STEM fields. Learn more about CIRTL's core ideas and learning outcomes.


CIRTL programming is implemented through a number of platforms, including courses, workshops, CIRTLcasts, MOOCs, journal clubs and more.

Below are some opportunities currently available for you to get involved. To participate, you must sign up to particate in the CIRTL Network Commons. 


Every semester, CIRTL offers a variety of online courses that leverage the expertise and diversity of faculty from across the CIRTL network. Log into the CIRTL Network Commons for more information (such as online schedule) and to register.

Title and Links Description Dates Suggested Credits
Teaching-as-Research This course will provide a mentored learning community for participants who wish to develop and plan a Teaching-as-Research project (to be carried out in 2018) in a STEM or SBE discipline.  Oct 2 - Dec 4 1
Teaching with Technology This course is directed toward STEM graduate students and postdoctoral fellows wishing to enhance their understanding of instructional options that rely on educational technologies that go beyond the use of chalk or whiteboards. Oct 2 - Dec 4 1
Creating Assessments for the STEM Classroom Creating an assessment tool that measures your intended student learning outcomes is critical. This 7-week course is intended to help participants learn and develop skills associated with creating and implementing assessments particular to STEM courses. Oct 3 - Nov 28 0
The College Classroom: Teaching Inclusively As an instructor, how can you show that you care, and contribute to the success of an increasingly diverse student body? This course as we address these questions, and build your skills to promote the academic success of all students in your current and future classrooms.  Oct 3 - Nov 28 1
Diversity in the College Classroom The purpose of this course is to explore what is known and theorized about the ways that diversity affects learning and, in turn, help educators develop practical classroom strategies that address diversity.  Oct 4 - Dec 6 1
Gender Bias Intervention in STEM for Women and Men Students in this course will gain knowledge of the ways that gender bias impacts STEM training and careers. Participants will increase awareness of gender bias through analysis of identity, roles, and contexts where gender bias manifests in STEM university situations. Oct 5 - Dec 7 1

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