Sharpening Your Skills

From communicating your research to non-specialist audiences to improving your grant writing skills, from using digital tools to enhance your research to learning about contemporary pedagogical techniques and resources, LGS and Emory offer a myriad of resources to help you sharpen your professional skills. 

It is never too early to identify strengths and opportunities for growth in your professional skillset. Use the LGS Professional Development and Career Planning (PCDP) Timeline to reflect and plan. Begin attending PDCP programs early in your graduate career. 

Programming Overview (Also see links at right)

Grant Writing Program

The Grant Writing Program (GWP) addresses every stage of grant proposal writing: developing fundable projects, presenting projects in persuasive ways, and tailoring proposals to specific funders.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

The 3MT at Emory competition serves as a skills development program that challenges students to explain their research project either through verbal or written communication to a non-specialist audience. NOTE: The finals will be held on Wednesday April 6, 2016 during Graduate Student Appreciation Week 

English Language Support Program             

In addition to language instruction, ELSP programming has expanded to also include professional development opportunities in speech and writing.

Emory University Resources

Other Emory offices and centers, including the Center for Digital Scholarship, Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Emory Writing Center, and the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives & Rare Book Library, also provide resources and training to develop the professional skills of graduate students. 

Crafting and Telling your Professional Story (Fall)

Being able to talk about your professional experiences, interests, and goals is essential to the job search process. And learning how to talk about the work of graduate school can be a challenge. Identifying the key anecdotes and getting comfortable drawing on them for different audiences takes practice and LGS offers opportunities to develop your story and learn skills for creative, flexible communication. 

Speed Networking 

Each fall, LGS and the BEST Program host an opportunity to practice networking and communicating your educational background, research, and career interests/skills to a broad audience. Postdocs and PhD students from a variety of programs across Emory and Georgia Tech are invited, including business, law, sciences, engineering, and the humanities.

Mock Interview Open Hours (All Year)

Have an interview? Want someone to practice with? On the second Wednesday of the month from 1-4 pm, the LGS PDCP staff will provide informal mock interviews. We can tailor the questions to what you feel most nervous about answering or go through frequently asked interview questions.

Strategies for Negotiation and Conflict Management (Spring)

These sessions examine the fundamentals of negotiation and dispute resolution in order to learn and practice the skills that lead to successful negotiation outcomes in a variety of settings, including with employers, clients, co-workers, mentors, and others.

Emotional Intelligence (Spring)

Today’s leaders need the ability to navigate through unexpected challenges, foster innovation, and build organizations where people thrive. Strengthen your Emotional EQ by becoming more self and socially aware and using that awareness to build better relationships and teams.

TATTO Extensions (All year)

TATTO Extension Sessions are seminars or events about teaching and pedagogy happening across campus and open to LGS students. Topics include: Course Development, Instructional Design, Teaching with Archives, Blackboard, Diversity, Copyright, and more.

Financial Education

Developing positive financial habits and being educated about loan repayment options should be part of each student’s professional development. LGS sponsors sessions on these topics throughout the year, and each April, Financial Literacy Month, LGS sponsors several programs specifically for graduate students. Graduate students are also eligible for workshops sponsored by the Faculty Staff Assistance Program