The Laney Graduate School’s Grant Writing Program addresses every stage of grant proposal writing: developing fundable projects, presenting projects in persuasive ways, and tailoring proposals to specific funders.

Writing successful humanities or social science grant proposals is a skill that requires cultivation. Of course, the process starts with developing the scholarly competence to do research and with articulating research projects that advance a field of scholarship. But even the best of ideas will fail to get funding unless they are presented in a clear and compelling manner.

Events in the Grant Writing Program will help you work through issues related to:

  • Content and organization: research proposals are a distinctive genre with its own rules and conventions.
  • Interdisciplinary audiences: practice articulating your proposal to scholars from a wide range of disciplines.
  • Succinct but not simplisitic writing: learn to present your ideas in a concise and effective way without losing their complexity and interest.
  • Drafting and redrafting: proposals need to be refined through a process of drafting and seeking feedback for revisions, a process that both clarifies the substance of the project and polishes the presentation.

These topics and more are addressed in a series of events that range from relatively large preliminary sessions you could attend any time to small intensive workshops for advanced students working with well-developed proposals.

Grant Writing Program events will also address how to use the Laney Graduate School Professional Development Support funds to lay the foundation for effective grant proposals.  These funds offer excellent opportunities to develop your own skills and knowledge and to conduct preliminary investigations. Such preparation can significantly enhance the credibility of a grant proposal and greatly improve your chances of obtaining funding.

It is never too early to consider how you might compete for grants to fund your research or obtain a post-doctoral position. Take a look at the events described in the next few pages, and plan to attend those that could help you fund your research, gain recognition in your field, and develop a skill that will remain important throughout your professional career.

We hope to see you during this year and beyond.


The GWP is directed by Mark Risjord, Professor of Philosophy and Nursing

The program is sponsored by the Laney Graduate School.

GWP Brochure

GWP Brochure, 2015-16