External Fellowships and Grants, 2014-15

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ACLS Public Fellows

This year, the program will place up to 22 recent PhDs from the humanities and humanistic social sciences in two-year positions at partnering organizations in government and the nonprofit sector. Fellows will participate in the substantive work of these organizations and receive professional mentoring. Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 per year, as well as individual health insurance. Deadline to apply: March 17, 2015

ACLS Public Fellows

American Academy in Rome (Rome Prize)

The American Academy in Rome is the oldest American overseas center for independent study and advanced research in the arts and the humanities. The Rome Prize is awarded annually to about thirty candidates, each selected by a jury of distinguished peers through a national competition.The winners are invited to Rome to pursue their work for periods ranging from six months to two years. They are provided with stipends, residential accommodation, meals, private studies or studios, and most important, an atmosphere conducive to intellectual and artistic freedom, interdisciplinary exchange, and innovation. Deadline to apply: November 1, 2014.

American Academy in Rome (Rome Prize)

Berlin Program Fellowships

The Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies offers fellowships to scholars in all social science and humanities disciplines, including historians working on German and European history since the mid-18th century for a research period in Berlin between 10-12 months. Fellowships are awarded for doctoral dissertation research as well as postdoctoral research. The program accepts applications from U.S. and Canadian nationals, permanent and long-term residents. Applicants for a dissertation fellowship must be full-time graduate students at a North American university who have completed all coursework required for the Ph.D. and must have achieved ABD (all but dissertation) status by the time the proposed research stay in Berlin begins. Deadline to apply: December 1, 2014.

Berlin Program Fellowships

Boren Fellowships

Boren Fellowships provide up to $30,000 to graduate students to add an important international language component to their education through specialization in area study, language study or increased language proficiency. Boren Fellowships support study and research in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests, including Africa, Asia, Central & Easter Europe, Eurasia, Latin America and the Middle East. Boren Fellows represent a variety of academic and professional disciplines, but all are interested in studying less commonly taught languages. Deadline to apply: January 27, 2015.

Boren Fellowships website

Chateaubriand Fellowships

Open to STEM applicants as well as those in the humanities and social sciences. The Chateaubriand Fellowship is a grant offered by the Embassy of France in the United States. Every year, it allows doctorate students enrolled in American universities to conduct research in France for up to 10 months. The STEM fellowship program and the HSS fellowship program have different modes of selection but they are both highly prestigious and merit-based. Chateaubriand recipients receive a stipend, a round trip ticket to France and health insurance. Deadlineto apply: January 20, 2015. 

Chateaubriand Fellowship website

Congressional Budget Office Summer Internship Program

Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a small agency that provides nonpartisan economic and budgetary analysis to the Congress, is currently accepting applications from graduate students for the 2015 Summer Internship Program. CBO internships provide valuable experience in the federal budget process and policymaking with responsibility for specific projects and the opportunity to work alongside leaders in economic analysis. Deadline to apply: February 27, 2015.

CBO Internship website

Columbia University Society of Fellows

The Columbia University Society of Fellows in the Humanities is a two or three-year, Mellon-grant funded fellowship that allows recent PhD graduates to do research and teach at Columbia. It is one of the oldest fellowship programs in the United States. The current competition is for the 2014-2015 academic year and we are welcoming applications from students who received their PhD between 1 January 2012 and 1 July 2014. Deadline to apply: October 6, 2014.

Columbia University Society of Fellows

Data Incubator Fellowship

The Data Incubator is an intensive seven-week fellowship that transitions academics into data science and quant careers. Open to US and international students. There will be both an in-person (NYC and DC) and online section of the fellowships program. 

Data Incubator website

Dirsken Congressional Research Grants

The Dirsken Congressional Center invites applications for grants to fund research on congressional leadership and the US Congress. Individual awards capped at $3,500. Applicants must be US citizens who reside in the US. Deadline to apply: March 1, 2015

Dirksen grants 

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund Fellowship

The Fund supports graduate school fellowships in any recognized field of study in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences (including law, medicine, engineering, architecture or other formal professional training). 

Designated institutions facilitate the appl4ication process for its students. Read the guidlines very carefully. Contact Jay Hughes with any questions. Nominations and applications due December 19, 2014. 

DZL Guidelines

DZL Website

Donald Payne International Development Fellowship

Fellowship seeks to prepare young people for careers in international development as Foreign Service Officers in USAID. The Payne Fellowship, which provides up to $90,000 in benefits over two years for graduate school, internships, and professional development activities, provides a unique pathway to the USAID Foreign Service. Applicaiton opens October 14.

Payne Fellowship website

Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory Fellowship Program

The EIDL fellowship prepares laboratory scientists for careers in public health. The two-track program trains qualified candidates (bachelor’s and master’s level) to support public health initiatives, and provides opportunities for doctoral level scientists to conduct high priority infectious disease research in public health laboratories. Fellows are placed in local, state, and federal (CDC) public health laboratories. Ideal candidates have laboratory experience (including laboratory coursework) and an interest in public health.  Application not yet open.

EIDL Fellowship Program

Hertz Foundation Fellowship

Providing unique financial and fellowship support to the nation’s most remarkable PhD students in the physical, biological and engineering sciences. Fellowships are free of most traditional restrictions. Fields of interest are: astrophysics, quantitative biology, biotech, chemistry, computer science, earth science, engineering, materials science, mathematics and physics. The Graduate Fellowship Award is based on merit (not need) and consists of a cost-of-education allowance and a personal-support stipend. Applications due October 31.

Hertz Foundation Fellowship website

Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship

The HHMI International Student Research Fellowships are designed to facilitate the research training of outstanding international pre-doctoral students (who are ineligible for federal funded fellowships or training grants) in the biomedical or related sciences, including physical and mathematical sciences. Emory can nominate up to seven students, who will then be invited to apply directly to HHMI. Applications to be nominated due October 31, 2014.

Institute of International Education China Studies Fellowship

The IIE Confuscius China Studies Program fellowship provides generous funding for doctoral students in the Arts, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences who are specializing in the study of China. Awards range from six months to two years. The Fellowship is open to US citizens and international students. Deadline to apply: February 12, 2015.

IIE China Studies Program

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships are to assist graduate students in the humanities and related social sciences in the last year of Ph.D. dissertation writing. This program aims to encourage timely completion of the Ph.D. Applicants must be prepared to complete their dissertations within the period of their fellowship tenure and no later than August 31, 2016. The Laney Graduate School deadline is October 3, 2014. If you intend to apply, email James Hughes (jlhughe@emory.edu).

Mellon/Council of European Studies Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Mellon/CES Fellowships are tartetged at late-stage humanities graduate students working on Europe, and includea a $25,000 stipend and fee waivers. Winners will also be expected to participate in a number of professional development activities organized by the Council for European Studies. Applications dues January 26, 2015.

Mellon/CES website

Mellon/CLIR Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources

The purposes of this fellowship program are to: help junior scholars in the humanities and related social science fields gain skill and creativity in developing knowledge from original sources; enable dissertation writers to do research wherever relevant sources may be, rather than just where financial support is available; encourage more extensive and innovative uses of original sources in libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and related repositories in the U.S. and abroad; and provide insight from the viewpoint of doctoral candidates into how scholarly resources can be developed for access most helpfully in the future. Due date is Monday, Nov. 17th at 5:00.

Mellon/CLIR website

Michigan Society of Fellows

The Michigan Society of Fellows was founded for the purpose of promoting academic and creative excellence in the humanities, the arts, the social, physical, and life sciences, and in the professions. The objective of the Society is to provide financial and intellectual support for individuals holding advanced degrees in their fields, who are selected for their outstanding achievement, professional promise, and interdisciplinary interests. Applications are invited from qualified candidates for three-year fellowships at the University of Michigan.  Candidates should be near the beginning of their professional careers.  Those selected for fellowships must have received the Ph.D. degree or comparable artistic or professional degree between June 1, 2012, and September 1, 2015.  Eight Fellows will be selected for three-year terms to begin September 1, 2014. The annual stipend will be $55,000. Deadline to apply: September 30, 2014.

Michigan Society of Fellows

National Wildlife Federation Graduate Student Fellowship

NWF is seeking graduate students in the U.S. to conduct and test market research and business planning and assist with content development for the new NWF EcoLeaders online community. There will be two track options for the Fellowship, Market Research and Content Development. Deadline to apply: February 25, 2015

NWF Fellowship website

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans

The Fellowship honors and supports the graduate educations of 30 New Americans – permanent residents or naturalized citizens if born abroad; otherwise children of naturalized citizen parents -- each year. At the time of their selection, fellows must be college seniors or early in the graduate programs for which they request support. Each fellow receives tuition and living expenses that can total as much as $90,000 over two academic years. Fellows can study in any degree-granting program in any field at any university in the United States. Fellows are selected on the basis of merit – the specific criteria emphasize creativity, originality, initiative and sustained accomplishment -- in annual national competitions.  Deadline to apply: November 1, 2014.

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship

SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship

The DPDF program supports graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulating innoviate dissertation research proposals. Intended to help emerging scholars make the transition from learners to producers of knowledge, the fellowship creates a space for faculty mentorship and opens unique opportunities for both interdisciplinary and international network building. Applications due October 15, 2014. 

DPDF website

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