New Thinkers/New Leaders

-- NOTE: This program is under review for Fall 2021. --

The Laney Graduate School's New Thinkers/New Leaders program is designed to promote interdisciplinary innovation, intellectual enrichment, creative explorations in pedagogy and career pathways, and improvement in the climate, inclusion, and quality of graduate education.

The Laney Graduate School will provide matching funds of up to $3,000 to successful proposals. 

What We Fund

The Laney Graduate School invites graduate programs and cross-disciplinary programs of the University to submit applications for matching funds to support scholarly activities that:

  • Enrich the mentoring experience of graduate students;
  • Engage problems of theory and method related to practice and action;
  • Foster cross-disciplinary investigation of complex intellectual problems that enhance the intensity of scholarly and research exchange among faculty, among graduate students, and between faculty and graduate students;
  • Pilot innovative approaches to doctoral education, degree completion and/or graduate student professionalization;
  • Promote scholarly discussions across two or more divisions (humanities, social sciences and natural sciences) and two or more Emory schools (Business, ECAS, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Theology); and
  • Develop innovative graduate programming to address the changing needs of graduate students as they prepare for workplaces that value diversity and inclusion and are increasingly defined by interdisciplinary, international, comparative, and applied perspectives.

Application Guidelines

  • Proposals will be reviewed three times a year: submissions received by May 1, September 1, and December 1 will be responded to by June 1, October 1, and January 1, respectively. 
  • Proposals may be submitted by planning committees comprised of LGS faculty and students representing two or more divisions (humanities, social sciences and natural sciences) and two or more Emory schools (ECAS, Law, SOM, RSPH, Nursing, Theology, Business).
  • Proposals must include:
    • A brief description of project goals and activities;
    • Lists of potential participants;
    • Description of expected, observable outcomes; and
    • A complete budget, which includes demonstrated commitment from other funding sources at the time of the request.

Proposals that do not demonstrate genuine cross-program collaboration in development and planned implementation will not be funded. Additionally, NTNL does not support ongoing programming. Groups will not receive support for similar events in consecutive years.

Email completed proposals to LGS Associate Dean Rosemary Hynes.