Professional Development Support Funds

Professional Development Support Funds are available to support doctoral students in endeavors related to their professional development.  Awards will be made in three funding categories: conference participation, training not available at Emory, including language acquisition, and research.

One primary aim of the PDS funds is to help students compete for funding from external entities.  Using PDS funding, students have an opportunity to acquire specialized training and conduct preliminary research.  Together with the support available through the Grant Writing Program, this preparation can greatly enhance students' prospects for securing full funding for their research.

PDS funds are awarded on the basis of two general considerations: the merit of the proposed activity, and the importance of the activity to the student’s program of study.  Advisors and Directors of Graduate Study must support a student's request before the graduate school will evaluate it.   

Scroll down for information about eligibility and general application information.  Use the pages to the left for detailed information and applications.

Note: All PDS applications are closed until the start of the 2014-15 academic year.


The funds are available to all students enrolled in doctoral programs, except students in Anthropology and Biomedical Engineering.  Students in the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences are eligible for conference participation funds, but not for training or research funds. GDBBS students should visit the GDDBS website and click on the Division Handbook for GDBBS policies then submit applications to Margie Varnado in the GDBBS office. 

To receive an award a student must be in good standing, both in the graduate school and in his or her program.

Note: if you are using PDS funds to pay for air travel, visit our Graduate Student Travel page.  All air travel supported by PDS funds must be purchased using one of the three Emory vendors. For more information on the Emory Travel Policy and to book your air travel please visit the Emory Travel page.

General Application Information

A calendar of application deadlines is posted to the right.  Early applications are encouraged.  Our application and review schedule is quite inflexible, because the volume of applications and processing means we must adhere to established procedures.  To ensure you have enough time for planning and making financial arrangements, it is best to apply as soon as you have the needed information.

Before you submit an application, read the guidelines for the award you are seeking, as well as the general expenses and budget guidelines.  

Expenses and Budget Guidelines

Special Note, January 7, 2013:  A change in Emory policies means that the PDS policy regarding per diem expenses has changed.  See note below for details.

PDS Daily Expenses Policy

Application Process:

  • Applications are submitted online.  The online form requires that you upload several items -- generally, a cover sheet, a budget form, and supporting documentation. 
  • Use the appropriate packet of uploads.  Complete the forms electronically as far as possible; print them and get signatures as required; combine them with additional items, scan, and produce three pdf documents (competitive review applications require four documents).
  • Documents for upload should be 5MB or less per document.  
  • Go to the appropriate online application form. Complete the form, attach the documents, and submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email, which will be cc:d to your program admin, and will contain the data you submitted along with links to the documents you attached.
  • The system still requires paper and scanning. But it eliminates much data entry on our end, and it generates lasting, electronic records of complete applications for you, for your program, and for us.  


Program Coordinator Jay Hughes

General Application Information

PDS Calendar 2013-14
PDS Procedures
PDS Program Admins

This lists the program admininstrator in each program who serves as the main contact regarding PDS.

All PDS applications are closed until the start of the 2014-15 academic year.

Report on PDS Funds