The Dean of the Laney Graduate School is advised by a faculty governance system composed of the Directors of Graduate Study, an elected Executive Council, and an Appointments Committee. The graduate school is also represented in the broader university governance system by two faculty members.

Below are the current members. 

Laney Graduate School Executive Council

The Executive Council is an elected body of nine members of the graduate faculty, elected by the faculty as a whole in accordance with the Faculty Governance document (see right). 

The Council meets monthly, and meetings are chaired by the Dean. The Executive Council reviews proposals for new courses or programs, and for changes in existing courses or programs on a rolling basis. To be added to the Executive Council agenda, proposals must be received by the Laney Graduate School two weeks prior to the meeting date. Graduate school staff will determine that proposals are complete before distribution to the council.

To ensure timely review, new or changed courses to be offered in the fall semester must be submitted to the Executive Council prior to the January meeting. Please be aware that the Executive Council often has a full agenda, and proposals submitted late in the spring semester may be deferred until the next academic year.

If you have questions about the Executive Council or want to place an item before the Council, please contact Senior Associate Dean Jeffrey K. Staton at

Members of the Executive Council serve three-year terms. 

2021–22 Members

MemberFinal Term
Nathan Suhr-Sytsma, EnglishSpring 2022
Kathryn Yount, Behavioral, Social, and Health Education SciencesSpring 2022
Judith Fridovich-Keil, Graduation Division of Biological and Biomedical SciencesSpring 2022
Jessica Sales, Behavioral, Social, and Health Education SciencesSpring 2023
Dilek Huseyinzadegan, PhilosophySpring 2023
Kate Yeager, NursingSpring 2023
Tamara Caspary, Genetics and Molecular Biology & NeuroscienceSpring 2024
Bernard Fraga, Political ScienceSpring 2024
Lauren Klein, EnglishSpring 2024

Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee consists of three elected members, one from each of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and two members appointed by the Dean. Elected and appointed members will serve a term of two years. The Committee advises the Dean on the membership and composition of all award and fellowship committees for the graduate school, and any other committees that may be necessary to the business of the graduate school.

2021–22 Members

MemberFinal Term
Lisa Staimez, Nutrition and Health SciencesSpring 2022
Tonio Andrade, HistorySpring 2022
Chikako Ozawa-de Silva, AnthropologySpring 2022
Jen Heemstra, ChemistrySpring 2023
Kathryn Kadous, BusinessSpring 2023

University Senate and Faculty Council

The Laney Graduate School is represented by two faculty members on the University Senate and Faculty Council. Representatives are elected by the faculty and serve three-year terms.

2021–22 Representatives

RepresentativeFinal Term
Donna Maney, Psychology Spring 2022
Curtis Henry, Cancer BiologySpring 2023