English Language Support Program

Established in 1990, the LGS English Language Support Program (ELSP) provides highest quality language support to graduate and professional students, postdoctoral fellows, and scholars with diverse linguistic backgrounds at all stages of the academic journey. Consistent with the Laney Graduate School’s mission, ELSP works with scholars to advance their language skills in order to succeed in their fields, communicate across disciplines, and connect to their local and global communities.

Taking into account the knowledge and experiences of our student body, ELSP faculty leverage contemporary tools within the field of linguistics and graduate communication to support our students. Course work and workshops provide advanced language and sociocultural skills needed for U.S. graduate-level study, Emory teaching roles, and the speaking and writing demands of the professional world inside and outside the academic community.      

ELSP is situated within a diverse and rich ecosystem - from Atlanta to the world. We serve as a resource for the greater Emory community as well as for our local and international partners. 

Students, Employees, DGS, and Administrators, please navigate through our website to learn more about our program. We look forward to working with you!

Use the Guide to navigate to the pages you need, and contact us if you need more information or have any questions. 

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