JPE 610

JPE 610 Sessions

JPE 610 sessions take place throughout the academic year. These workshops will be sponsored by the LGS, the Emory Center for Ethics, or other campus partners, and will include any other relevant occasional lectures or workshops. Students register for these sessions individually and participation is recorded on the student’s transcript. These workshops may be completed after candidacy.

How do I get credit for attending a JPE 610 session?

  • Make sure you bring your Student ID to the event. 
  • If you have issues swiping, please contact immediately.
  • Arrive on time. JPE 610 credit will not be issued if you arrive late to the session.
  • Only events listed on this calendar page are eligible to count towards your JPE 610 requirement.

For All Remote JPE 610 Sessions:

  • Please RSVP in advance using the link provided within each event
  • Full attendance is required to receive one JPE 610 credit. Joining the Zoom late or leaving early will result in no credit being given for attendance.

JPE 610 Sessions