Teaching Resources

Canvas Training and Support

Many questions about Canvas may be answered by visiting the Canvas Support Site. Teaching and Learning Technologies is continuing to offer regular trainings for those who are using Canvas in their teaching. View the training calendar to view the current schedule or to sign up for a training.

One-on-one consultations on instructional technology and design are available to instructors and teaching assistants who are involved in course design. View available appointment times and make an appointment here.

For support with Canvas that is not specific to Emory, 24x7 support is available directly through Canvas by calling 833-334-2835 or via chat at http://it.emory.edu/canvaschat.

Emailing classes@emory.edu is the fastest way to open a ticket with the Teaching & Learning Technologies team to get support or ask a question about most types of Canvas issues, including enrollment questions and sandbox requests. 

Accessible Teaching

Emory has acquired a license to UDOIT Cloud Accessibility Checker in Canvas which allows course builders to identify accessibility issues in Canvas courses. UDOIT scans your Canvas course, generates a report, and provides resources and suggestions on how to address common accessibility issues. The tool will be displayed on the course navigation by default in all spring courses. More information about UDOIT can be found at https://cidilabs.instructure.com/courses/2433

Canvas has built-in accessibility features that make it possible to accommodate students with all types of disabilities. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of best practices for designing accessible courses that meet the needs of all students and facilitates a better learning experience overall. More information about Designing Accessible Canvas courses can be found at https://canvas.emory.edu/courses/82976

Ongoing Teaching Resources

Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE)

CFDE supports faculty in the areas of teaching, research, and professional development. Their funding opportunities, programs, and resources are all designed to assist faculty at every level of their careers.

Academic Technology Services (ATS) 

Academic Technology Services works with faculty and students in selecting and using technologies to solve problems, communicate with others, and present ideas. Whether it’s to deepen one’s use of Canvas, record videos and podcasts, create multimedia discussions and assignments or learn to program a Raspberry Pi, ATS can help brainstorm, get started, and find success in the classroom.

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS)

ECDS maintains a multidisciplinary staff of technologists, librarians, faculty, curriculum designers, and students, in order to provide consulting expertise, project coordination and a technology-rich collaborative space for faculty, staff, and students. They assist in incorporating digital tools and methods into research, teaching, and publishing.

Emory Flexible Teaching Toolkit 

Please refer to the Teaching Toolkit, hosted by CFDE, for information and resources on using Canvas and other learning technologies as appropriate to support course goals.

Teaching with Canvas

The Emory Libraries Teaching and Learning Technologies has re-launched their Canvas Support site, which has simplified and clarified the resources available to teachers, including numerous on-demand materials and resources they have built-in directly into Canvas. As you begin preparing to teach your course(s), please visit the Keep Teaching with Canvas. If you wish to record content to upload to Canvas, please visit the Canvas Studio Resources webpage.

Zoom Resources

Zoom can be used for connecting virtually with students and colleagues. Classes, office hours, and meetings may all be held using Zoom. It is also a simple-to-use tool for recording lectures (including voice-over-PowerPoint) to be delivered asynchronously. When teaching remotely, please consult the Assessment and Course Completion webpage for resources.

Emory Writing Center 

The Emory Writing Center is eager to work with all writers at all stages of the composing process. Whether you are exploring ideas, revising a draft, or polishing a final version of a project, the Writing Center offers discussion- and workshop-based tutorials for individuals and groups that enable writers to approach their work with fresh eyes and to consider a variety of strategies for writing, revising, and editing.

Student Digital Life (SDL)

SDL provides technology services, spaces, and support for all Emory undergraduate and graduate students. This includes (1) Audio/Video production, with professionally equipped studios for video and audio recording, photography, and conferencing; (2) MediaLab, with video, audio, and image editing software and staff; (3) TechLab, a campus makerspace with 3D printers, VR headsets, laser cutter, button makers, and a variety of other tools.