Managing the Job Search

Finding a job can be a lengthy, time-consuming, and stressful endeavor. Each institution or organization asks for different materials, timelines vary, and keeping track of it all can feel like a job itself. If you start getting prepared early, the job search process will feel less daunting. 

We also recommend that you subscribe to the PDCP calendar, which can also be viewed here, and attend relevant workshops to get tips and strategies to use during the search process.

Programming Overview (Also see links at right)

Job Search Beyond the Professoriate (Spring)

This workshop covers how graduate students and postdocs can prepare themselves for the non-academic job market at the same time that they do their graduate work. It will review the process and mechanics of entering the non-academic job market and offers tips for identifying and explaining your skills. 

The (Academic) Job Market (Fall/Spring)

Are you looking for a job? Want help blocking out time to work on your materials with others in the room? Want someone to look over what you’ve done? These sessions will provide an opportunity for those on the market to come together to work on their materials, ask questions, get feedback and support from LGS staff and peers. Fall will focus on Academic Job market materials and Spring will focus on non-academic materials. Light snacks and Coffee will be provided.

CVs and Resumes (Fall/Spring)

Understand the difference between a CV and a Resume and then learn about how to develop a targeted resume to suit the job(s) you are applying for and distinguish yourself.  Remember: Resumes and CVS should be updated annually, regardless of whether you are actively searching for a job! 

Navigating the US Job Search (Fall/Spring)

Understanding the requirements and processes for students on F-1 visas to apply or Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) can be very challenging. Staff from the International Student and Scholar Services office lead sessions for LGS students to help them navigate the US systems. Similar sessions are also offered by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services

The Elevator Pitch (Fall)

When attending networking events, conferences or job interviews, it is very helpful to have a well-practiced elevator pitch. That is, one should be able to communicate one’s research, professional goals, teaching philosophy, etc. in a very short timeframe and to a broad audience. Specific sessions are often scheduled to practice this skill, but students can also work with PDCP staff on this topic as well. 

The Interview (Spring)

Learn the building blocks of a successful interview and the fundamentals of presenting yourself with confidence and clarity for the right first impression. 

Mock Interview Open Hours (All Year)

Have an interview? Want someone to practice with? On the second Wednesday of the month from 1-4pm, the LGS PDCP staff will provide informal mock interviews. We can tailor the questions to what you feel most nervous about answering or go through frequently asked interview questions.

Professional Development and Career Planning Pop In

On the last Friday of each month, LGS Professional Development and Career Planning Ambassadors and/or Staff will bring snacks and PDCP resources to a building on campus where LGS students work.  Students should stop by to learn about PDCP resources, discuss their career exploration or job search timeline, and grab a lollipop, popcorn or popsicle!